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The Five Moments of Need

 Digging Deeper

The center of this climb surrounds The 5 Moments of Need maturity model and where you and your organization are on that scale. The work you do, the real-world cases you hear, the innovative ideas you brainstorm are all focused on helping you to level-up across the board.

Below find the three maturity model tracks, or paths, we'll take throughout our climb both during the virtual climb, as well as along the in-person Summit ascent.

Virtual Climb Format


  2. Briefing & Lightning Round Reports (1-hour virtual gathering each month). During these sessions the “Focus on Briefing” will overview the selected monthly Maturity Model capability and review the offline assessment work to be done by each organization.  We’ll also host Lightning Round reports where select organizations provide a rapid share out of their best practices and lessons learned, again based around that month’s capability.

  1. Innovation Spotlight (1-hour virtual gathering each month). These share sessions highlight the specific monthly Maturity Model capability via an organization's pioneering idea or solution.

  1. Develop Organizational Strategy Plan (approximately 2-hours of independent/team work). Tailored to your specific project, your team will take new ideas, current challenges, possible solutions and begin to work through the provided project playbook. 


  1. Identify & Prioritize Challenges and Opportunities (approximately 1-hour of independent/tam work using The 5 Moments of Need Organizational Assessment tool). At the summit you will ideate with other organizations and teams on how to overcome your challenges and optimize your opportunities.

In-Person Summit Format


  1. Case Studies. Discover other perspectives and generate new ideas.

  2. Round Table Strategy Share-out’s. Grouped by maturity levels, these share outs will continue to build and develop your playbook's level-up plan.

  3. Challenge / Solution Hackathon. With mixed maturity level groups you're free to come up with what may have previously been though to be impossible, or unattainable, solutions.

  4. Playbook Planning. Working with your team, bring your newfound ideas, solutions, and inspirations to the development of your playbook.

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