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The 5 Moments of Need Summit

Standing Still is Not an Option

5 Moments of Need™ Virtual Summit 2021

February 2021-December 2021

Events, conferences, symposiums—a great way to recharge, reinvigorate, and reinspire your career. One of the biggest benefits? The networking and vibe, or energy, of the gathering. We get it—we know—we’re right there with you. Which is why we’ve developed a fully virtual 11-month long Summit focused on you, your team, and a cohort of like-minded individuals all working towards the same goal—a performance-first solution.

Forget just networking, you’re moving straight into a relationship.

We realize that many of you are aware of The 5 Moments of Need and Workflow Learning but struggle with the practical experience to take your organization to the next level. Well, no longer, this experience takes you there...and more!

Through this extended working session, aka The 5 Moments of Need Virtual Summit, you will get to know your personal, team, and organizational workflows. While working through the 5 Moments of Need Maturity model, you’ll ideate around challenges you face with teams on your “level” and teams “who’ve been there, done that.” You’ll build out a solution while receiving feedback and sharing best practices with your peers. And you’ll measure your performance metrics against those of other participating organizations.

It is via these virtual gatherings, which will be just that—intentional gatherings, not your run-of-the-mill Zoom call or Connect webinar —where we will work through expand and apply activities to take your team from its current state of workflow learning/5 Moments of Need know-how, to the next level—across four capability disciplines.

The 5 Moments of Need Maturity Model

Level 1, Ground Level: Unfamiliar and maintaining status quo
Level 2, Base Camp: Developing buy-in and ready to climb
Level 3, Ascent: Bought in and climbing
Level 4, Summit: Scaling enterprise implementations

So, what does this journey to the Summit entail?

Five Months of Small Group and Entire Cohort Work across the four 5 Moments of Need Maturity Model capabilities: strategic, technical, tactical, and measurement. The Gather, Apply, and Expand activities include:
o   Current/future state assessments;
o   Capability Briefings;
o   Lightning round best-practice share-outs;
o   Organizational strategic planning;
o   Identifying and prioritizing challenges and opportunities; and,
o   Consultative office hours to discuss progress and blocks.

A 2-Day Virtual Capstone Gathering taking place across consecutive afternoons consisting of:

o   A solutions hackathon;
o   Solutions strategy roundtable share-outs;
o   A sip + share of current, past, and in progress solutions; and,
o   For each capability we will share a video report of the cohort’s findings.

But the experience doesn't stop here.

Six Months of Office Hours & Best Practice Sharing. Remember those in-person events, conferences, and symposiums? What was the second-best part of them, after networking? It was the learning nuggets and ‘aha’ moments jotted down and taken back to be refitted to your unique on-the-job challenges.

In these events of the past, after an intense knowledge dump, you’re left to your own devices. While inspiring and motivating at the time, most of these great ideas and epiphanies had at the event soon become just jotted down notes pushed aside on your desk while the real world and “real” work takes precedent.

Not this go-around. Your cohort remains in place for six more months. Here you’ll receive the support, the encouragement, and the connectivity to help you implement those great ideas, epiphanies, shared strategies, and future plans.

No more nuggets. You’re now cooking with fire—you’re developing an actual solution.

Your 5 Moments of Need Summit Registration Includes:

  • 20+ hours of group gatherings and activities;
  • 1 additional complimentary ticket for a team member to attend*;
  • Access to a private Summit online community;
  • A digital playbook for solution development;
  • Current and future assessments;
  • Benchmarking data;
  • Consultation hours; and,
  • A life-long cohort of diverse, connected, and intelligent individuals to lean on to guide you along your 5 Moments of Need journey.

*Each organization receives 1 complimentary ticket to expand their team attendance.

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We hope you can bring your entire team!
Pricing for one or two attendees per organization is at the rate of $1,495/person. When you register 3 or more attendees the rate drops to just over $1,100 per team member. 

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Summit Cancellation and No-Show Policy

After January 31, 2021 there will be no refunds. All cancellations must be in writing and can be emailed to Substitutions can be made at any time up to the start of the Summit. Please call (585) 978-9124 to arrange a substitution.