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How Workflow Learning Increased Plant Productivity at Colgate-Palmolive

Colgate-Palmolive, a leading global consumer products manufacturer, has slashed knowledge search times and improved operational efficiencies across the board.

Through workflow learning and The 5 Moment of Need methodology plant operators have been given real-time access to critical information, which has increased productivity and decreased in-person training time.

Dhiren Doshi, Colgate’s global supply chain learning leader, discusses the execution of the solution, outcomes, and plans for future rollouts in this 45-minute webinar. Dhiren will be joined by Bob Mosher, co-founder of APPLY Synergies and  Greg Groce, Managing Director of Xprtise. 

Watch now to learn more about Xprtise’s AskDelphi springboard solution to immediate instruction that has produced positive results for asset utilization, unplanned downtime, material loss, and change-over effectiveness.

Watch Webinar Recording.