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Great to See You at ATD TK 2023!
As promised, below are a few recommended next steps to continuing our performance-first conversation.


Schedule a Consultation with an APPLY Team Member

Our teammates specialize in helping learning professionals design, develop, maintain, and measure effective learning and performance support through the 5 Moments of Need framework and the EnABLE methodology. They'll be able to guide you on getting started! Reach out now!

Become a 5 Moments of Need Designer

Bring the change you wish to see to your learning projects by earning your 5 Moments of Need Designer Certificate. Our next offering begins February 2023. Space is limited. Save your seat today!

Attend The 5 Moments of Need Summit

Consider registering to attend our upcoming hybrid Summit where the overarching theme of this virtual and in-person event is "implementation". Register Today!


Download the latest version of our ebook: The 5 Moments of Need | A Performance-First Approach

From this book you will not only gain foundational knowledge around the 5 Moments of Need and workflow learning, but you'll also hear from your peers on their experiences in making the shift. Download and Start Reading Today!


Join The Workflow Learning & Performance Alliance

Be a part of this member-driven, global community of practice where professionals implementing workflow learning and performance-improvement solutions ideate through shared information, experiences, challenges, and successes. Join Now!

Performance Matters. Get Started Today!