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Become a Certified Designer

Are you ready to take the next step? Ready to be a change agent for your organization?  Ready to transform your learning, boost performance, and cultivate self-reliant, highly engaged learners? Learn to make the most of your employees' 'moments of need' by becoming a 5 Moments of Need Certified Designer.

Develop the skills you need to enable learning in the workflow. Begin building a set of systematic and rapid practices for designing, building, implementing, optimizing, and evaluating complete learning ecosystems.

The next course is now forming and begins on May 9, 2019. Take that next step in transforming your organization's learning and performance.  Register today!

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Value LS LI

Make the case for a performance-based approach to Instructional Design. Download our white paper: EnABLE: The Case for a Performance-focused Approach to Instructional Systems Design.