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The Five Moments of Need

Live Podcast


Hosted By: Conrad Gottfredson + Bob Mosher
Panelists: Bill Hickey (Axalta), Doug Holt (CIGIE), and Mark Wagner (The Hartford)
Listen to the Recording Now!

Disruption makes things new again, and what might not have been possible…suddenly is.” –Denis Pombriant


Workflow Learning is “new”, possible, happening and disruptive!  At a time when our workforce needs are heightened, critical, and ever-changing, our approach to meeting those needs must go beyond “training”.  But how do you REALLY do workflow learning?

Listen to our first LIVE Performance Matters Podcast which features tree courageous learning leaders who have been implementing Workflow Learning for quite some time. Hear first-hand experiences around their shifts to a “performance-first” mindset, and why this thinking is especially helpful in today's challenging times. 


Listen as our panelists share their journeys and current approaches to meeting their learners where they’ve wanted us to be all along–in the workflow!