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The Five Moments of Need

Our Partners

We have developed relationships with some of the best-in-class vendors, consultants, and technology providers. These alliances combine 5MoN’s methodology with the implementation systems needed to fully realize the capabilities you need to focus on the specific needs of your learners when they need you most. On the job.

Sister Organization

Five Moments of Need partners APPLY Synergies logo

A strategic consulting firm specializing in helping organizations design, develop, and measure effective learning and performance support strategies to meet The 5 Moments of Learning Need. APPLY Synergies helps its customers enable peak performance at the speed of change.

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Technology Partners

The 5 Moments of Need Technology Partners Program provides a vehicle for technology vendors to be reviewed for the degree to which they align with The 5 Moments of Need framework. If you would like to have your technology evaluated for inclusion here, contact us.

If you’re an organization looking for technologies to support your transformation to a 5 Moments of Need ecosystem, start with these partners!

Five Moments of Need partners AskDelphi logo

AskDelphi provides a Performance Support software platform that enables your workforce to perform effectively at every changing moment of need by providing just the right amount of support when needed, so that employees can perform autonomously and become experts at what they do.

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Five Moments of Need partners Panviva logo

Panviva is a content and knowledge-management (KM) system providing on-demand, real-time answers that solve your customer’s most immediate problems. Panviva organizes and manages all your content – policies, procedures, technical documentation, FAQs – into simple bites of information that customers can easily understand and customer service reps can easily explain.

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Five Moments of Need partners tts knowledge matters logo

tts is a worldwide partner covering all The 5 Moments of Need with its market-leading EPSS solution, tt performance suite. The solution allows full context sensitivity performance support and learning across desktop and web-based applications.

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Five Moments of Need partners uPerform logo

ANCILE uPerform is the fastest, easiest way for you to create, manage, and distribute customized software learning content. Users access that content on-demand, right within the software they use every day.

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Five Moments of Need partners Epilogue Logo

The Epilogue Opus Productivity Acceleration Platform (PAP) delivers context sensitive guidance, plus application specific analytics and user intelligence. This cloud based performance support solution enables collaborative document authoring, single source editing, and seamless deployment to end users, all in a modern UI.

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Accredited 5 Moments of Need® Academy

An accredited academy is licensed to offer The 5 Moments of Need®curriculum and grant certifications of completion in accordance with our standards.

Five Moments of Need partners Xprtise logo

The 5 Moments of Need® Academy Europe is the leading provider of accredited training and education events for The 5 Moments of Need methodology for the European markets. This Academy is headquartered in the Netherlands.

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Want to become a 5 Moments of Need® partner? Contact us to find out more.