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The 5 Moments of Need Designer Certificate Program

About the Course

Ensure your learning is meaningful and effective by learning to design for each of the 5 Moments of learning need: New, More, Apply, Solve, and Change.

This course is a rigorous, hands-on, iterative, and engaging approach using the 5 Moments of Need framework. Throughout it you will learn the skills and knowledge needed to shift your mindset from training-focused to performance-focused and how to successfully deploy workflow learning that will change on-the-job behavior, while also improving performance outcomes.

Arm yourself with the skills you need to actually make this mindset shift and successfully meet your learners where they need you—on-the-job, and in the workflow.


Learn About:
- The 5 Moments of Learning Need
- Learning Experience and Performance Plan
- Performance Support
- The Performance Support Pyramid
- Job Tasks Analysis
- Critical Skills Analysis

Learn How To:
- Conduct Rapid Workflow Analysis
- Conduct Critical Impact of Failure Analysis
- Map the Workflow
- Make a LEaP Plan
- Develop a Digital Coach proof of concept
- Build a Targeted Training outline


Ideal For: Instructional Designers, Trainers, L&D professionals, HR and strategic Human Capital specialists, Change Management professionals, and any other role where you build performance-improving solutions.

You will be assigned an individual coach who is a practicing 5 Moments of Need Designer. Coaches work with you to answer questions, offer guidance, and provide feedback on your assignments.
Each cycle consists of one 3-hour virtual Gather Session, one-1.5 hour virtual Office Hour Session, one 1-hour virtual Feedback Session, and 1–6 hours of thoughtful self-study time.

Additional Details

- Learn By Doing: You will create a proof of concept using your own content.
- Length: Five, 4-week cycles (Approx. 5 months) | See exact dates and times
- Class Size: 12-24 people
- Prerequisites: None

Your 5 Moments of Need Coaches

Chris King

Chris King

Chris King, a long-time practitioner of the 5 Moments of Need®, is the Executive Director of the 5 Moments of Need Academy. Through this role he is responsible for spreading the word about workflow learning and optimizing how organizations learn and perform. He leverages his credentials as a PMP, Certified ScrumMaster, 5 Moments of Need® Designer, and a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® certified facilitator to modernize the typical approach to learning.

Karen Conlin

Karen Conlin

Karen Conlin is an Instructional Designer at Stikeman Elliott LLP. A specialist in virtual classroom design and facilitation and former technical writer, for ten years she's designed for and blended several delivery methods for organizations in the financial and legal services, utilities, and maintenance, repair and operational supplies industries. Always focused on designing learning experiences that help people perform better at work, the 5 Moments of Need quickly became the approach that answered her most pressing concerns. At Stikeman Elliott, Karen and her colleagues have been gradually modernizing a traditional training approach by redesigning the technical training and building curriculums for each role at the firm. Content development was the initial focus, but now Karen is introducing the five moments workflow learning design to the team to transform how firm members learn and perform effectively in the flow of work at every changing moment.

Matt Brooks

Matt Brooks

Matt is a 5 Moments of Need Designer Certificate Program Coach and has been a Solution Designer/Developer at APPLY Synergies, our sister organization, since 2019. For 15 years Matt has focused on the development and implementation of performance support solutions across a broad range of platforms for industries and companies of all sizes. He specializes in applying the principles of the 5 Moments of Need Methodology to create effective learning and performance support solutions while also working closely with customers to tailor content to learners' needs using sound principles of instructional design.

Lee Rodrigues

Lee Rodrigues

Lee has held many roles in his 17 years in the learning and development field, ranging from instructional designer to facilitator to video producer. Lee is a skilled generalist with a background in technical troubleshooting, video storytelling, and adult learning theory. In his current role, he leads a team that is streamlining the performance support infrastructure across an enterprise to improve the end customer experience.

What Participants are Saying

“Adopting the 5 Moments of Need methodology fundamentally changed the relationship our L&D group has with its clients and the value we bring to them. The real business problems are identified faster, learning solutions are more targeted and better balanced, resources are able to be spread further, and results are easier to pinpoint.”
- Jeremy Smith, Senior Manager Global Learning Solutions Herman Miller

"Critical Skills Analysis has given us what we need to optimize our training effort. We’ve reduced our training time and increased our effectiveness because of it.”
- Certified 5 Moments of Need Designer

"I use the skills and knowledge gained in the course every day. The process of certification helped me turn the corner in my Performer Support expertise.”
- Certified 5 Moments of Need Designer

"We were attempting to apply the 5 Moments of Need methodology prior to participating in the course. The course definitely made us more proficient and consistent.”
- 5 Moments of Need Designer Certificate Holder

Policies and Cancellations

  • Full participants have the duration of the certificate +3 months to complete all assignments satisfactorily to earn the Certificate.
  • Participants can request and pay for an extension of 3 months to complete the Certificate. This provides access to the EPSS for an additional 3 months as well ($499).
  • The EPSS is available to students for one year after the completion of the program. 
  • Refunds:
    • Paid participants may request and receive a full refund (less $100 processing fee) if cancellation notice is given 30 days or more in advance of the class.
    • Paid participants may request and receive a 50% refund if cancellation notice is given between 5 and 30 days of the start of the class.
    • No refunds are granted within 5 days of the start of a class.
  • A group of more than 5 from the same company registering and paying at the same time is eligible for the discounted rate of $1795/pp.

Please Note: Participants who successfully complete the program will be authorized to represent themselves as having completed The 5 Moments of Need Designer Certificate and to use the practices, resources, and examples obtained during the course. They will NOT be authorized to teach these practices to others (within or without their organization), nor share specific practices, resources, and examples without acknowledgement of APPLY Synergies’ copyright. They are not authorized to modify these practices, resources, and examples in an effort to remove the copyright or represent them as being their unique practices.

Support Your Workforce Where They Need You–In the Flow of Work. Become a 5 Moments of Need Designer.