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The Five Moments of Need

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Virtual: January-April, 2021
On-Site: May 19-20, 2021
Join an elite group of pragmatic, insightful, and gifted Learning professionals at the second annual 5 Moments of Need™ Summit.

The 5 Moments of Need™ Summit
Virtual Sessions | January through April, 2021
Onsite Gathering | May 19-20, 2021 | Sundance Resort, Utah

We invite you to join an elite cohort of Learning professionals to collectively determine how to deliver value in ways that “might not have been possible” before.

Develop your preparedness to ascend in just six months. You will:

  • Anchor your thinking by assessing your organization’s capabilities to climb using a robust Maturity Model framework;
  • Work with, learn, and move forward together with colleagues already on their climb to the top;
  • Tap into benchmarking data and shared innovations to plot your approach to the next level; and,
  • Proactively identify and prioritize the risks, challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Ready to stop free soloing? Ready to move from simply trekking along level ground and shift into a peak climb?

Join our growing expedition group as we prepare for the next Summit.

Like all summit endeavors, it works best with a team. We can’t imagine anything more professionally rewarding (and needed) than building on our collective body of knowledge in how to best transform learning and performance, while reframing mindsets. We encourage you to join as a team. You will leave with a solid plan to immediately begin building a 5 Moments of Need learning culture.

Make the commitment now to set aside at least 36 hours to make what may seem impossible, possible.

Virtual Climb Dates
January through April| 2 hours of live online gatherings + 2 hours of independent work per month

  • Leaving Basecamp - Welcome and Current State Assessment Briefing | January 6, 2021
  • Virtual Climb Track 1:
    1. Strategic Capabilities Briefing | January 11, 2021
    2. Lightning Rounds | January 25, 2021
  • Virtual Climb Track 2:
    1. Technical Capabilities Briefing | February 8, 2021
    2. Lightning Rounds | February 22, 2021
  • Virtual Climb Track 3:
    1. Tactical Capabilities Briefing | March 8, 2021
    2. Lightning Rounds | March 22, 2021
  • Virtual Climb Track 1 (Part 2):
    • Measurement Capabilities Briefing | April 5, 2021
    • Lightning Rounds | April 19, 2021

In-Person Ascent

May 19-20, 2021 | Sundance Resort, Utah