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The 5 Moments of Need® Alumni Program

As a 5 Moments of Need Designer, you are armed with the innovative solutions and tools to implement workflow learning and meet the 5 Moments of Need in your workplace.

But, as a group of 5 Moments of Need practitioners, we are stronger together!

As a member of the alumni network, you will share best practices, ideate around overcoming hurdles, and continue to grow your knowledge beyond the Certificate curriculum.

We invite you to participate in the many opportunities to network and continue to grow as a 5 Moments of Need Designer. These will include tips, tools, best practices, guidance, and discussions around key issues like gaining buy-in from stakeholders, implementation, deployment, measurement, and much more! Hear from 5 Moments of Need experts and peer practitioners as they share success stories, lessons learned, pitfalls to avoid, and examples of what has worked for them.

Membership offerings include:

  • Monthly, Topic-Specific Working Sessions
  • Private, Quarterly Coaching Sessions (30 minutes each)
  • $200 Off the 5 Moments of Need Summit Registration Rate
  • $200 Off the 5 Moments of Need Designer Certificate Rate—good for up to three colleagues
  • Buy One Seat, Get One Seat Free in the 5 Moments of Need Foundations Workshop—ideal for stakeholders, lines of business managers, and non-instructional designer team members (Limit: 2 uses)
  • Access to an Alumni Resource Portal
  • 1-Year Subscription to the EnABLE Platform
  • Access to a Private, Closed Group of Practitioners via MS Teams
  • Access to and Guidance with Applying the 5 Moments of Need Maturity Model
We are more powerful when we empower each other. Join Today!