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The 2021 5 Moments of Need Summit kicked off in January with a collection of teams from 19 companies engaging in a variety of activities to advance their understanding and application of the 5 Moments of Need framework and workflow learning.

The Summit has included deep dive sessions on the workflow learning maturity model, lightening rounds where organizations shared best practices, and continual work by each team on their playbooks designed to advance their 5 Moments of Need strategies.

All these elements culminated in a July hackathon where Summit teams “hacked” specific challenges of implementing and using the 5 Moments of Need framework:

  • Challenging the Status Quo
  • Quick Wins
  • Building a Performance-First Team
  • Connecting L&D to the Business
  • Measuring Business Impact

This report reflects the perspectives, questions, experience, lessons learned, and hard work of Summit participants. It summarizes not only their creative “hacks”, but also the detailed issues surrounding each challenge.