The 5 Moments of Need®: Enable & Sustain Efficient, Effective Job Performance

Utilizing the 5 Moments of Need in workflow learning accelerates new hires’ time to productive performance, mitigates the risk of critical skill failure, boosts workforce engagement and confidence, facilitates agile adaptation to evolving demands, and enables real-time collection of performance and process improvement data.

The 5 Moments of Need

5 Moments of Need®

A Powerful Framework that Elevates Job Performance.

The 5 Moments of Learning Need are key focal points that pinpoint specific times when workers require learning and performance interventions. These moments act as guideposts for designing effective learning experiences. Explore each moment in detail:

The 5 Moments of Need Framework


In the Apply moment, learning happens seamlessly while you are engaged in your work tasks, allowing you to immediately put your knowledge into practice.


The Change moment occurs when you are adapting to a new environment or undergoing a significant organizational change, necessitating learning to navigate the transition successfully.


The Solve moment arises when you encounter a problem or challenge that requires learning to find a solution.


This New moment occurs when you encounter something for the first time and need to acquire new knowledge or skills.


The More moment arises when you want to deepen your existing knowledge and expand your skill set further.

Effectiveness and Efficiency

By designing learning experiences that align with these moments of need, job performance becomes more effective and efficient. Performers accomplish tasks more swiftly and with minimal disruption and frustration. Organizations that effectively address these moments optimize learning outcomes and drive tangible results within the flow of work.

Transform your workplace learning approach and drive success by addressing all moments of need effectively.

Discover how you can leverage the 5 Moments of Need® framework to unlock the full potential of learning in your organization.

5 Moments of Need

The EnABLE Methodology

Engage, Analyze, Build, Leverage, and Evaluate

  • Our EnABLE methodology is designed to guide organizations in successfully implementing and managing change initiatives.

  • At its core, EnABLE provides a systematic approach that empowers organizations to navigate the complexities of change with confidence and effectiveness.

  • The methodology encompasses five key phases that work in harmony to drive sustainable transformation: Engage, Assess, Build, Leverage, and Evaluate.

Explore our services, based on this methodology, to learn how you can drive sustainable transformation and achieve your goals of putting performance first.

The Path to Measurable Business Results

Our sister company, APPLY Synergies, specializes in providing expert consulting and comprehensive academy services, tailor-made for seamlessly integrating the EnABLE methodology within your organization. To further explore these opportunities, hop over to the APPLY Synergies website.


Align to Business Priorities

  • Align Learning and Business Strategy

  • Determine Impact Metrics

  • Justify Cost


Design the Solution

  • Map the Workflow

  • Develop Digital Coach Proof of Concept

  • Evaluate Existing Learning Resources


Build and Test

  • Develop Full Digital Coach

  • Create Holistic Learning Solution

  • Design Targeted Training

  • Test and Implement


Measure and Evaluate

  • Maintenance Plan

  • Governance Plan

  • Measure Impact

What Our Clients and Supporters Say
About the 5 Moments of Need

“The 5 Moments of Need® and the methodology used to bring it to life has made a significant impact on our organization. It has allowed us to ‘cut through the clutter’ in performance support for large, complex systems. The focus on the end user experience is powerful.”

Global Pharmaceutical Client and 5 Moments of Need Supporter

“The 5 Moments of Need® has become our Rosetta Stone, helping us decipher our complex content ecosystem and organizational structures. It has quickly gone from being a curiosity to a flexible and inclusive operating model. It focuses our efforts, reduces duplication, and accelerates time to market. What’s not to like?”

Content Strategist and 5 Moments of Need Supporter

“It is long past time for L&D – and is the right time for LXD (Learning Experience Design) – to pivot away from a topic orientation to a performance orientation. It’s time to help learners prepare to perform tasks and produce outputs that meet stakeholder requirements back on the job. If not, why bother making the investment of shareholder equity in the first place? Help for learners might take the form of performance support if the performance context allows for a referenced performance response and does not demand a memorized performance response.”

Performance Analyst, Instructional Architect, and 5 Moments of Need Supporter

“The approach of engaging learners in the workflow has proven to raise the value of my learning organization tenfold. While it can be chaotic for some to embrace, it is important to create a world of autonomy for individuals to meet their moments of need while on the job. Learners who leverage workflow performance support are really creating the optimal “just right” experience, which increases their speed to proficiency faster than those who do not.”

Vice President of Learning and 5 Moments of Need Supporter

“Shifting to the performance-first approach had an immediate positive result: folks spent less time in training and could “do something” back on the job that was noticeable and recognized. And, more dramatically, the on-the-job behavior changes had a real impact on the business! Fewer errors, higher end-of-line quality, reduced employee turnover, fewer complaint calls, increased efficiency… the list went on and on. These were tangible, measurable business results with a direct connection to the bottom line. The shift to performance-first produced results that were significant and powerful. How do I know that? Well, because managers still call, but now they’re asking for more.”

Learning Design Specialist and 5 Moments of Need Supporter

“The 5 Moments of Need framework is a powerful tool that we can use to take advantage of how the brain and memory work. By anchoring learning to a moment of need, we can help a worker quickly learn what they need to perform. And we maximize the chances of retention through relevance and repetition.”

Chief Learning Officer and 5 Moments of Need Supporter

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