The 5 Moments of Need Advantage

5 Moments of Need solutions optimize traditional training approaches and extend learning into the workflow by enabling learning while working.

Workflow learning, when powered by the 5 Moments of Need® framework, is a dynamic approach to enabling and sustaining effective job skills in an ever-changing workplace.

At its core, workflow learning recognizes that individuals acquire job skills most effectively when they learn in the context of doing their work. By embedding learning support within the natural flow of work, employees are empowered to continuously develop their capabilities and enhance their job performance.

Our EnABLE methodology is designed to lead organizations through the seamless execution and effective management of transformative initiatives. EnABLE stands as a comprehensive design approach that provides organizations with a structured and assured method to effectively maneuver the intricacies of change. At its heart, EnABLE harmonizes five pivotal phases: Engage, Analyze, Build, Launch, and Evaluate.

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