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Momentum - Digital Coach App

Jumpstart Your Digital Coach Solution

Ready to experience our MOMENTum Digital Coach App in action?

Features and Benefits

Turnkey, yet customizable

Access the code and customize to meet your unique needs. Designed for crafting Digital Coaches that support the workflow and all 5 moments of need, with core functionality.

Effortless Authoring

Create and deploy Digital Coaches seamlessly within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

Task-based support

Achieve 2-click, 10-second access to task-based performance support via hotspot access on workflow maps.

Comprehensive Resources

Access supporting knowledge and resources with ease.

Personalized Experience

Interact with tasks at the step level, add personal notes, rate tasks and steps, share with other users, and establish favorites for quick access.

Seamless Workflow Integration

Task-level support is at your fingertips via workflow maps.

Stay informed

Post links to changes and updates directly within the Digital Coach.


How much does MOMENTum cost?2023-11-14T04:07:16+00:00

MOMENTum is priced at a one-time fee of $35,000 for the unmanaged version, which includes the MOMENTum Digital Coach Power App along with up to 10 hours of support.

What is included in my purchase?2023-11-14T04:13:38+00:00

With the $35,000 one-time investment, you receive the unmanaged MOMENTum Digital Coach Power App, up to 10 hours of support, the ability to create and publish an unlimited number of Digital Coaches, and the flexibility to modify the source code.

How many users and authors can I have?2023-11-14T04:14:08+00:00

The unmanaged version has no restrictions on the number of authors and users. Future managed versions will have limits on the number of users and authors.

Can users (not authors) from different companies access my Digital Coach? If so, how do I give them access?2023-11-14T04:14:39+00:00

Within Power Apps exists a standard ability to share access outside of your company. A Power App cannot be distributed to clients, but external clients may, through standard Power Apps capability, be granted access to Digital Coaches. External clients may not purchase the MOMENTum Power App (managed or unmanaged) or any derivatives, nor author, without a license purchased from APPLY Synergies.

What technical planning do I need to do to integrate MOMENTum into my organization’s ecosystem?2023-11-29T05:00:16+00:00

Companies purchasing the unmanaged version of MOMENTum need a Power Apps license. To install the unmanaged version, consult your IT department for assistance with integrating the MOMENTum Digital Coach Power App.

How do my team and I get started?2023-11-14T04:15:39+00:00

Companies with the unmanaged version of MOMENTum receive up to 10 hours of included support and can opt for additional support as needed.

Ready to experience our MOMENTum Digital Coach App in action?