Conrad Gottfredson Ph.D., Rw.E.

Founding Partner and Chief Learning Strategist

Dr. Conrad Gottfredson is a founding partner and the Chief Learning Strategist at the 5 Moments of Need, an organization that specializes in helping learning professionals design, develop, maintain, and measure effective learning and performance support through the 5 Moments design methodology.

Con earned his PhD in Instructional Psychology and Technology in 1984. After graduate school, he immediately began working on his “Rw.E. (Real-world Experience) at Standard Oil of Ohio.  It was during his oversight of the training, help desk, and technical documentation groups at Standard Oil’s corporate research center that Con recognized that there are 5 Moments of Learning Need.  It was also during this time that he began pioneering a performance-based approach to Instructional Systems Design.  After

leaving Standard Oil in 1988, he began an independent consulting practice during which he has continued to evolve through Real-world Experience an agile instructional design methodology that is now known as EnABLE.

Con has deep experience helping organizations optimize their entire learning ecosystem. He helps companies identify and implement The 5 Moments of Need Solutions along with the methodology, technology, and organizational support infrastructure they need to be able to design, build, implement, optimize and evaluate those solutions. He has designed, developed, and managed many hundreds of learning and performance solutions addressing the complete scope of delivery systems, strategies, audiences, and settings. These settings have ranged from small to large international corporations, governmental agencies, universities, and religious organizations.

Con has also worked with Learning and Development teams to establish collaborative instructional development and maintenance processes to eliminate wasteful redundancies and focus on specialized skills and knowledge. These collaborative development models have provided significant cost benefits in environments of constrained resources and overwhelming development requirements.

Con is also an accomplished author and speaker. He is the co-author of: Innovative Performance Support: Tools and Strategies for Learning in the Workflow and a contributing author to Timothy Clark’s book: The Employee Engagement Mindset: The Six Drivers for Tapping into the Hidden Potential of Everyone in Your Company. He is also a regular author in many industry magazines such as Learning Solutions Magazine and CLO Magazine. He has developed and presented public seminars to many thousands of participants both nationally and internationally.

Con is currently also a founding partner and the Chief Learning Strategist at APPLY Synergies, a strategic consulting firm that specializes in helping learning organizations design, develop and measure effective learning and performance support strategies to meet the 5 moments of learning need.

Conrad Gottfredson

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