Sara Chizzo

Executive Director, Business Development

 Sara has been an innovator in the Learning and Development space for more than 20 years and is thrilled to bring her experience and passion for the 5 Moments of Need (5 MoN) to APPLY Synergies. 

While she started out in corporate technical training, Sara quickly pivoted to the learning measurement and analytic space, helping to launch two companies, KnowledgeAdvisors and Performitiv.  During that time, Sara not only built up the commercial teams to help scale up the companies, but was a frequent speaker at industry events on the transformative power for becoming a data driven L&D organization.  In between her stints in the measurement and analytics space, Sara also worked for Harvard Business School Publishing in the virtual, leadership content space and Fuse, a next-gen learning experience platform company.  In coming to APPLY Synergies, Sara felt it was the perfect time to apply everything she’d learned and experienced to the already powerful 5 MoN framework.  Sara’s job is to introduce the 5 MoN to new organizations, help existing clients to optimize the value they see from the 5 MoN and help evolve APPLY Synergies’ measurement capabilities. 

Sara Chizzo

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