Methodology Matters | Train, Transfer, Sustain

Probably one of the most misunderstood concepts in Learning and Development is the journey our learners are on to become, and remain, competent. For too long, we’ve left them at the “door”, meaning once our training events were over, be them live or online, we’ve not journeyed into transfer and sustain in an intentional way. 

In this episode Bob and Con outline the three critical stages of any performer’s journey to competency. It ties these three stages to The 5 Moments of Need and outlines how they help us design for all three parts. It also addresses the myths of “blended learning” and helps us realize that most blended learning solutions are actually “blended training” solutions, ignoring the critical phases of transfer and sustain, leaving our learners to fend for themselves in the most important part of their learning journey – the workflow!

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