Unveiling the Power of Targeted Training

In this episode of the Performance Matters Podcast Series, Bob Mosher and Sue Reber delve into the significance of targeted training within the realm of the 5 Moments of Need.

They explore the evolution of instructional design from traditional classroom-based approaches to a more dynamic and impactful method. As you’ll hear, Sue Reber stresses the importance of critical skills, noting the shift from merely imparting knowledge to hands-on, targeted learning experiences. The two also underscore the relevance of the digital coach, an essential tool designed to support learners across all 5 Moments of Need, and the need for SMEs and L&D leaders to keep an open mind, start small to validate the effectiveness, and pave the way for better learning outcomes.

Their shared expertise and insights promise to guide organizations towards embracing more efficient and impactful learning methods.


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